Some people refer to Inner Healing as the healing of damaged emotions, the healing of memories or the healing of a wounded heart. Inner Healing is about re-discovering the hurt areas of self, releasing and unlocking the wounded areas of the innermost part of our lives. It is about true forgiveness of self and of those who have wounded us. It is about admitting our own mistakes and turning our lives over in obedience to Christ. It is about learning to love ourselves again and others with a renewed mind and strength in biblical truths. It is about receiving the perfect gift in Christ from our Creator God: Salvation, Healing and Finding Freedom in every area of life. Now and again, the Inner Healing and Freedom Programs are necessary for spiritual healing and is given at the New Wine Ministries.


There are many Testimonies in the New Wine Alpha and Inner Healing Groups:

“The atmosphere is warm and everyone felt just like a big family.”

“I felt relaxed and had peace after handing every burden to the Lord.”

“Whenever I feel pain in my body, I start to pray and the pain gradually subsides and I feel so much better.”

“Previously I had no religious beliefs but I discovered Christianity and accepted Jesus in this course.”

“I am impressed to find that Christians who are sick have the confidence and strength to fight the battle of cancer.”

“After Inner Healing, I stopped taking sleeping pills which I had been taking since I fell ill for almost 18 months.”

“After Inner Healing, I feel now I am free and my heart is filled with peace. I was also healed physically.”

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